Arrhythmia Alliance Europe



Did the program meet your expectations?


Rate the presentations you heard


Additional Comments on the Presentations

‘Excellent, well prepared’

‘It would have been good to have a simultaneous interpretation for non-English speakers’

‘All the presentations were well delivered, relative and informative’

‘Some presentations had too much information!’

‘The presentations really drove the message home about the work carried out by Arrhythmia Alliance and the need for European organisations to ensure public information on arrhythmia diagnosis and management is as widespread as heart disease and that all individuals have direct access within their own country on what to do should they have blackouts or arrhythmias.’

Rate the Overall Conference


What was the most valuable part of the conference?

‘Learning how other organisations are dealing with arrhythmia, as well as sharing experiences and information’

‘The presentations related to the story of STARS and Arrhythmia Alliance, the achievements and related practical issues’

‘For patient groups to meet each other’

‘The overview of the UK organisation about the management of arrhythmia care: the relationship between patients, doctors, nurses, government and industry’

‘Getting to know Trudie Lobban…and her capacity to achieve important goals in the short term’

‘The working groups (breakout sessions)’

‘Peer-to-peer discussions’

‘Trudie Lobban’s introduction and her enthusiasm and organisational ability in managing the Alliance…the meeting group in which we analysed the difference between European nations in fighting arrhythmias and the different solutions adopted by the respective departments of health.’

‘Meeting European reps who have similar interests but different ways of addressing the issues and indeed the differing ways the health services are governed.’

What was the least valuable part of the conference?

‘Not all breakout groups had a mix of patients and physicians’

‘It was difficult to keep the [breakout] group focused on the task at hand…if there was some way to direct the work groups more effectively I think this may have been beneficial’

‘It would have been good to have a presentation from a patient from his/her point of view’

‘It was quite a long trip, but worth it!’

‘Unfortunately I did not get enough time to buy and send postal cards!’

‘Not being able to go to Westminster due to the flight back’

What suggestions do you have to follow up on this conference?

‘Creation of a global mailing list’
‘Creating a framework for follow up’
‘Updates on website on progress and initiatives so to share information and encourage success’
‘Individual meetings in each country to provide direction and support in setting up groups with access to all the information as mentioned at the conference’
‘Telephone conference and a future meeting’
‘Monthly newsletter outlining country activities and success stories’
‘European meeting on a yearly basis in a central location’
‘Groups should be designed in relation to the objectives’
‘Website translations’
‘[I] would like to be informed of future achievements made by A-A’

Additional comments

‘The meeting was a success, there were a great number of attendants’

‘Great event!’

‘The two days were very well organised and motivated me again, just what I needed.’

‘I hope this type of conference will run again and be successful in creating new A-A groups across Europe.’

‘We need to have impact not only on a country level but on a European level. Small countries really need this input to force the Governments to better distribute the resources for those who really need it.’

‘For future meetings, locate everyone in the same hotel.’

‘Long live the Arrhythmia alliance, I hope that it will spread over Europe- it would be a very good thing for all of us and particularly for our patients!’